Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pole Updates

Hey everyone

Just updating you guys on the pole situation, as I think I mentioned a while ago how I would be doing some more images for the 'Pole Art' series

I've been practicing loooads of new moves and trying to really improve as much as possible so I can create some special pole photos. I've also started attending new drop-in sessions and have been meeting lots of new pole people, which means I can hopefully start getting more people to model for me at some point too
I'm hoping do another pole shoot VERRRRY soon, I've had to put it on hold for a while as I recently sprained my wrist and now thats healed I've torn some of the muscles near my elbow! So I'm all bandaged up but trying to take it slow in order to heal as quickly as possible. On the plus side, I've been planning the shoot so when I'm all better I can put my bests efforts into it

If you are at all interested in knowing more about the moves and keeping up with pole progress, I always pos snap shots on my facebook profile. This started as a photography profie but pole seems to have taken over :P I do however, use this page for photography

If you're interested in quick updates, I use Twitter a lot
I'm also in the process of editing pole videos to put up on YouTube, so keep a watchful eye out if you'd like to see pole business in action!

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Inspired : 09 : Flexibility

I've been learning a lot of new pole moves recently and constantly watch videos of dancers, rythmic gymnastics, yoga, aerialists etc to find inspiration for my pole work. Watching and studying other performers movements really is a great way to show what you can do if you dedicate yourself to your chosen discipline and it can give you ideas to interpret and put your own spin on things.

Consequently, I chose flexibility as this posts theme. It's often thought that being flexible is something you're born with but I believe it's more something thats worked on again and again and again until it's obtained. Some people do have a natural advantage of course, but if it's not nurtured then it will never reach it's full potential. I'm training myself for the splits, and I can tell you, it. is. hard. work. But when I get there, my pole work will look much better... and I will get there in the end!

So feast your eyes on these beauties. Please support the creators. Comment, favourite, follow... you know what to do

by ~elroyhavoc

by =Zymmij
Mongolian Angels

by ~WillJuggles
Hand Balancing

By DigiNik13

Rigid Bodyby *dpapadakis

Aerial SilksBy DigiNik13

Beach yogaby *FotoArtImages
Bionic Brother - Sideshow/Spec

By frankkrenz

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Pole Art - Rubber Pencilby ~h-e-photography