Friday, 3 September 2010

Pole Dance - Pole Art project & New website on the way

So I've done a couple of shoots for my Pole Art project now.... I'm so excited about it! The girls I've worked with so far have been wonderful and are very strong, talented individuals. Please check out the images in my gallery (, hope you like them!

I'm thinking of making the Pole Art series into a calender in time for 2011 so if anyone is interested do let me know as it would be great to have some feedback on what you think of this idea.

I'm also in the middle of building my own website. I've wanted one for ages to properly showcase my work and photography business so I can't wait for this to be finished!

And here are two from the pole shoot that I haven't put up on my gallery... Unsure whether to or not to be honest as they aren't as artistic as the other images... I just loved the way they show the moves!

Model is Kylie Wilson @ Polesation, Romford, Essex

The move Maxi and a Handspring:

Keep Calm and Carry On
:heart: from Hannah Elizabeth

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  1. i think u should just proceed with ur idea of the would be great ;) (nik from picture social)