Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Starting Over, What's new & working with a very famous supermodel....

I've decided to start over with this blogging business. I will try to keep posts short, sweet and to the point. Posts will be filled with lots of photos for you to feast your eyes upon, such as new work, behind the scenes, the work of others that I find inspiring and want to share etc etc. I fought the temptation to get a Tumblr account and decided to take the plunge, delete old posts on here and start a fresh, in the hope that someone might want to read it! Ha. (By the way I'd love to hear from anyone who uses both Blogger and Tumblr; which one do you prefer/why, pros/cons? etc)

So let us begin; I started assisting professional photographers at the very end of last year to further my knowledge about photography as a whole, learn a lot and generally be immersed in the industry as much as I can. I assisted on a shoot last week and the model was no other than... wait for it............ Kate Moss :o She was very polite, very nice and having been given the opportunity to see her do her thing in the flesh was really something special. Now I know why she has been (and still is) at the top of her game for the best part of 20 years. I don't know if I'm allowed to say what it's for but I won't yet, just to be on the safe side. I'll be sure to let you now what the shoot was for when it's out though so keep your eyes peeled

I've been focussing on beauty shoots lately after purchasing some new lighting equipment (a beauty dish in case you were wondering). I even went as far as doing a self portrait on a friday night, even when everyone else was out socialising because I couldn't wait to try it out.

A series titled 'Wigilicious' with the beautiful Chloe Alexandra (www.modelmayhem.com/cloalexandra). Sadly our makeup artist was ill and couldn't make it so Chloe and I decided to just mess around with some props form my never ending prop box. Here are the results:


'Cousin It'


Self Portrait - 'Viva':

Latest Pole Art image - 'Pole Art - Iguana Mount':

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment if you so wish


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