Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pole Art - what would you like to see next?

I have a number of image ideas for the Pole Art series but I wanted to ask you what you thought about them.

I don't want all the photos to look the same so I've been trying to think of new perspectives/colours/outfits to shoot but what I really want to know is what do you think?

  • Are there any particular camera angles you prefer/think work best?
  • Any colour backdrops/background textures you'd like to see?
  • Any particular style of outfit?
  • Which is your favourite image so far and why?
  • Or maybe there are some moves you'd like to see?

Any other elements you would like to see, perhaps executed differently or to have a completely new idea tried, do let me know as I'd love to hear about what you'd like to see.

The images in the Pole Art series can be viewed here

All I will say is that I want to keep the feel of the image stays true to the whole idea of Pole Art (i.e. to show the artistry of it and to show strength/flexibility/grace/dignity) I'm more than happy to try any ideas you come up with. I'd really appreciate your input

Thank you



p.s. I will try and get another model sometime; it's just hard as I don't really know any other polers so I just have to make do with modeling myself :giggle:

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