Monday, 22 August 2011

Inspired 07 : Birds

Inspired: 07 is showcasing some inspiring images I've found over the last week
This weeks theme is birds! Hopefully I'll be going to the zoo tomorrow to shoot some of these fabulous creates, so I found a range of images for inspiration. I choose these particular images for a number of reasons, some of them have captured great moments, some are wonderfully composed and some picture such great subjects, I couldnt resist them!
I didn't restrict this post to a certain number of images because there are just so many fab photos out there, its so difficult to choose an particular number

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do and that they can inspire you too

Please show the artists some love. View the images larger by clicking the name to go directly to the artists page.


dame blancheby ~Micheldoultremont

2010-297 Fluffby *W0LLE

Bubo buboby ~jjbeggar

Martin pescatoreby ~FrancoBorsiWildLife

2011-109 Even Longerby *W0LLE

Least Tern Chickby *Ryser915

young Spur winged Lapwingby *wolveskeeper

What's Up IVby *Eltasia

Come To Meby *W0LLE

2011-84 Lali Iby *W0LLE

To the heavenby *LTS-POWER

parrot 1by *Denis90
I had to include these two as well - they are both drawings. Aren't they fantastic!

Chickadeeby =Diamond4girl

SISTERSby *sinsenor

I've shot a number of bird portraits myself, so now for a cheeky bit of shameless self-promotion...

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